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Hello, I'm Ibon.
I am your online Spanish Tutor.
I teach leaders who are short of time.



Why am I sure of your success in learning Spanish?
Your greatest motivation: your rapid progression.
Our challenge: that you speak Spanish fluently and with ease.
Don't be afraid to make mistakes, but from not learning from them.
We keep your attention on what really works for you.
You will become your own best teacher.


Only if you really need and want to speak Spanish as soon as possible.

Get a needs analysis, your tailor-made work plan and a free 1st session.

Be fluent in Spanish.

    Our Background

    Satisfied customers

    You will learn to speak Spanish fluently & in a natural way.

    You will speak Spanish
    from the 1st minute

    Regardless of your level.

    You will speak in Spanish about the topics that interest you.

    You will integrate information and new concepts effectively.

    1st phase: Fluency: rhythm, vocabulary, pronunciation.

    2nd  phase. Consistency: you will start to think in Spanish and make yourself more easily

    3rd  phase: Accuracy: you will recognise your own mistakes, you will correct them and finally, you will avoid them.

    Our online sessions
    Maximum efficiency

    Directed conversation / Constant interaction.

    Use of the best online resources for your profile and your interests.

    Adapted programming:

    at your available time

    to your target level

    from your starting point

    Suggested plans: 20, 60 and 100 hours.
    Sessions: between 1 and 1.5 hours.

    Frequency: 1, 2 or 3 times a week.

    Scorecard: What is not measured
    is not improved.

    Analysis of your periodic recordings: so that you are aware of your progress.

    Categorization of your mistakes: so that you are aware of their importance:

    • Vocabulary.
    • Consistency.
    • Pronunciation.
    • Accuracy.
    • Fluency & Naturalness.

    We maximise your ability to self-correct.

    You will become your own best teacher!

    Solo si realmente necesitas y quieres hablar español lo antes posible.

    Consigue un análisis de necesidades, tu plan de trabajo a medida y una 1ª sesión gratis

      Steps to follow

      Request your initial interview

      30 minutes
      Level analysis
      Your needs
      Your goals
      Time available
      Specific requirements, depending on your learning style

      Get your individual plan

      The best way to learn Spanish

      Areas that we will work on
      Resources adapted to your profile
      Commitment to success
      Time management
      Spanish: General and Business

      Start your 1st session for free

      Get to know our personally
      Experience maximum attention
      Make the most of your time
      Check all the resources at your fingertips
      Live Spanish with the maximum intensity
      Your degree of motivation will surprise you

      Only if you really need and want to learn Spanish as soon as possible.

      Get a needs analysis, your tailor-made work plan and a free 1st session.

      Learn Spanish online.

        Prove your personal and professional worth in Spanish

        Spanish at work

        Communicate and empathise with your team, your clients, your partners and suppliers.

        Interviews, negotiations, presentations, social events, contact management.

        Business opportunities.

        The language of Spain and 20 other countries.


        Spanish in personal life

        To function, please, captivate, convince ... in Spanish.

        Change of country, new friends, travel.

        Knowledge of other cultures.

        Improve your capacity to integrate.

        Team Leadership in Spanish

        To motivate.

        To persuade.

        To negotiate.

        To mediate.

        Concise and accurate communication.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        • You will be fully aware of your continuous progression.
        • In general, in a few months, you will speak Spanish fluently.
        • And we will also work on consistency and precision.
        • The objective is that you do not block yourself.
        • We will tell you exactly after meeting you in our 1st interview:
                • According to your level and needs.
                • According to your available time.
                • According to your commitment and dedication
        • These are not standard classes.
        • We will provide you the best way to learn Spanish.
        • As Spanish tutors, we don't have a single book or standard resource pack.
        • Each client uses the resources that best suit their learning style.
        • We mainly focus on speaking and fluency as the 1st objective.
        • Our success shows our courses effectively teach listening and speaking skills.
        • Your starting level doesn't matter.
        • Starting from beginner you can reach upper intermediate.
        • From intermediate to proficiency Spanish.
        • You will learn how to improve your Spanish as a native speaker.
        • Speed up your learning Spanish and become fluent in spoken Spanish..
        • The success of our Spanish classes system is that we have no system.
        • Our only goal is that you speak in Spanish, constantly interacting.
        • Your motivation is maximum:
                  • We encourage you to be aware of your progress in Spanish.
        • We prepare you to continue learning Spanish on your own:
                  • You will come to recognise your own mistakes.
                  • You will be able to self-correct.
        • You will be able to speak clear Spanish with more than 500 million people.

        Your success is our success.


        Have conversations and exchange the desired information.

        Communicate spontaneously.

        Improve your pronunciation and intonation control.


        Speak with ease and dexterity.

        Effortlessly using appropriate resources.

        Collaborating with your

        Appropriately alternating turns in speaking.

        The Stats

        After our initial contact, we have always agreed on the objectives and validated the starting point, in order to measure the improvement achieved at the end of the course.

        These are the results that we have obtained consistently.

        I am the founder of Claro

        speak spanish claro on line spanish classes
        CLARO has been developed through my many years of business experience.
        I am a Teacher and official Examiner of Spanish through the Cervantes Institute and International House.
        I have researched and applied the most effective techniques and methods that are used in the development of oral language skills ie; to HABLAR CLARO (speak clearly) in Spanish.
        Before launching CLARO I held executive roles in multinational companies, as well as being the Founding Director of my own companies.
        I hold a MBA from IE Business School, as well as a Master in Law from ICADE.
        Combining my experience and qualifications means that I know exactly what professionals need when they undertake learning to speak Spanish.

        Only if you really need and want to speak Spanish as soon as possible.

        Get a needs analysis, your tailor-made work plan and a free 1st session.

        Learn to speak Spanish.